Workplace De-stressing

Employee wellbeing has a direct effect on performance. With today’s pressurised working environments it is easy to ignore the detrimental effect that stress and sitting all day in front of a computer can have on your workforce. Instead of waiting for individuals to lose focus, and even burn out, you can effect a positive improvement to their wellbeing and reverse the negative effects of stress with So Hum Yoga’s office based classes.

Taking place in a convenient space in your space, our classes use Yin Yoga techniques to help your staff members step away from their everyday worries, de-clutter their minds, de-stress their bodies and emerge ready to reach their potential.

No previous experience is required, and not requiring high levels of fitness or extreme flexibility, Yin Yoga is accessible to all. The slow pace and focus on holding poses to promote focus on the mental aspects of the practice makes these classes the ideal way to relax and de-stress in the workplace.